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From Ramadan wreaths to trees to advent calendars to bunting, we’ve seen absolutely everything on the spectrum when it comes to Ramadan decor for your house. So we’ve decided to put together a few tips on how to decorate your house this Ramadan, including both DIY options if you’re into doing crafts and shopping options if you find you’re short on time!

Needless to say, it is not an obligation to decorate your house for Ramadan and we do not want anyone to feel pressured or feel bad about putting up or not putting up decoration. At the end of the day, this month is a spiritual one and the main focus should be on fasting, however if adding Ramadan decoration to your house sets a lovely festive mood for the household then we believe there is no harm in it at all!

Decorating your house for Ramadan is also a fantastic way at getting the whole family at home involved and keeps the kids occupied too with the DIY projects too – helpful with the current lockdown!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we have denoted these with an asterisk (*). 


Depending on where you are, your mosque may be closed for congregations which has always been such an important part of Ramadan for Muslims. You can recreate the experience at home by putting together a salah corner or room for the family. This is a great way for the family to pray together and can also be a teaching moment for children about salah and the importance of it. 

There are a variety of ways you can decorate a salah nook. Making a DIY mosque is a great start and is good fun for the kids to do and decorate. Depending on how big you want it and how creative you want to get with the kids, you can make the mosque using carboard, sheets, paper tissue, old fabrics, printables, pens and paints etc – the world really is your oyster here.

Here are some pictures for some DIY inspiration:

Alternatively, you can purchase a DIY mosque kit from My 1st Masjid. 

My 1st Masjid Cardboard Mosque


One thing we sorely miss about pre-COVID Ramadan are the iftar parties that you may have hosted or attended with family and friends. You can still set the mood at home with your own iftar table decor like these set-ups:

We love sharing boards for halal charcuterie, fruits and dates, desserts and more. Here are a few that you can buy and reuse in the future:

Hamsa plate* | Moon and Star Cheese Board* | Ramadan Mubarak Serving Platter

This disposable and biodegradable Table runner from the Modern Eid X Eid Collection collaboration has us adding this to our shopping basket asap 

Whilst these are probably more suited for a one-off iftar at home, these DIY place cards are a great activity to do with the kids!

DIY Place Cards

If you really want some va-va-voom, we have a few centrepieces that will work about on any table surface in your house.

We have a neat DIY tutorial for you to make a lovely centrepiece for your Ramadan table:

Rather buy it? Here we go:

Personalised Mirror Decoration | Freestanding Ramadan Mubarak Sign* | Acrylic Ramadan Kareem Sign

Lest not forget to include the kids with this beautiful Ramadan set from Lila and Tiny which comes complete with a mug, bowl and plate. They’re made from extra tough plastic, BPA-free and are dishwasher-friendly too. They also sell the items separately if you don’t fancy purchasing a whole set. 

Lila And Tiny Ramadan Plate Set For Kids *


Like many of the items on this list, Ramadan wreaths are a brand new concept that have come around in the last few years. They’ll really jazz up your front door or fireplace mantle and they’re a lot of fun to make if you’re going the DIY route.

If you’re into crafts and are up for a challenge, here are some great DIY wreaths that are easy to follow:

Want to skip the craft and purchase a wreath instead? Here are some that we’ve added to our shopping basket recently: 

Natural Willow Ramadan Mubarak* | Ramadan Floral Wreath* | Ramadan Mubarak Chalk White*



Ramadan bunting or banners are one of the simplest ways to add some Ramadan decor to your house. They can be colourful, monochrome, made with balloons or flags, glittery – you get the point, you’ll be able to find a bunting to your liking.

We’ve listed a few DIY projects below that range from simple to a little more hands on but they’re great fun to do!

Modern Eid Printable Banner

You can also buy Ramadan bunting from many online stores. We’ve chosen a few that are lovely:

Wooden Lantern Bunting * | Reversible Ramadan Kareem Banner* | Ramadan Mubarak Banner*


Ramadan String Lights * | Lantern Fairy Lights* | Moon And Star Curtain *


Whether it is a Ramadan printable that the kids have coloured in, a chic countdown print or a lovely “Ramadan Rules” typography, you can place them on mini easels or photo frames to put around the house or on your iftar table. They’re reusable, cost next to nothing and add a little pizzazz to the house.

ZedAndQ Ramadan Rules Typography | SistersChapters Ramadan Print* | Breaking Fast Dua *


We’ve already done a whole post about reusable ramadan advent calendars that we love for kids but what about for us adults? Here are a few Ramadan advent calendars for grown ups that would look great in your house. These would also make for great gifts for close family and friends who may be doing Ramadan alone this year due to the pandemic.

Ramadan Wooden Countdown Lantern Calendar | Ramadan Wooden Countdown Calendar with LED Lights

Printable calendars are lovely and depending on the style, all you’ll need to do is print it out and frame it or some may require a little bit more craft. They come in a variety of themes and sizes so you’re bound to find something to suit your house. Here are a few Ramadan calendar prints that we love: 

DIY Ramadan Calendar | Luna Rainbow Ramadan Calendar | Printable Countdown to Eid

If you’re up for more of a project, we’ve got a great DIY calendar for you. Made from chalkboard, it’s fantastic at reminding you what time to start and break fast and you can also put one of the 99 names of Allah in each box to help you or your family learn them!

DIY Chalkboard Advent Calendar 

And if you fancy treating yourself or a close one, L’occitane have blown us out of the water with this Ramadan calendar with miniatures of their products in each window. It’s a steal at £99 and is usually worth £124.

L’Occitane Ramadan Advent Calendar


Whether you are placing them on the stairs, hanging them up on the mantelpiece or using them to adorn your iftar table, lanterns seem to be synonymous with Ramadan decor.

From paper lanterns to washi tape lanterns to glittery ones, making a lantern yourself seems to be as easy as pie. We’ve got a few suggestions below:

Handiyman | Annum Munir Glitter Lanterns | Marhaba Mama

If you’re short for time, these lanterns will make for a lovely addition to your Ramadan decor and will be on your doorstep just in time!

Asilah Artisan Moroccan Lanterns | Anafiyah Hanging Decorations | Wooden Lanterns *

And there you have it, our tips on how to decorate your house this Ramadan! Just remember, there is no pressure to do so and you don’t need to feel bad if you do go all out with the decoration 🙂 Be sure to share your Ramdan decor with us on instagram @MyModestMama

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