Ramadan Advent Calendars and Fillers for Children

In the last few years, Ramadan advent calendars for children have become a thing and why not? It’s a fantastic way of getting the kids involved in Ramadan festivities and is a fun countdown until Eid. There are an assortment available too; from the classic chocolate calendars to the more intricate build your own to […]

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Muslim Kids TV Review

**This post has been sponsored by MKTV. Although sponsored, we aim to give a true review of any product that features on MMM** Feel like you’re constantly hovering over your child when they’re on the ipad? Or perhaps between school and extracurricular activities, you’re struggling to find the time to teach your child their Arabic. […]


30+ Islamic Prints You Need For Your Child’s Nursery

You’ve just completed doing up your child’s room with .. but something is just missing. Maybe it’s a splash of colour in an otherwise neutral nursery. Maybe the space themed bedroom is one step away from looking out of this world. Or perhaps you’re not sure how to incorporate an Islamic element in their rooms. […]


Second Baby Essentials

Planning for your second (or third) is a little different to the first because you’re thinking, I have everything I need from the first so do I really need to buy anymore things? You’ve got all the clothes washed and ironed, muslins folded and ready to go, car seat fitted in, etc. but what about […]


Mum Guilt

Dear Readers,I write this (one-handed!) as I hold little Mila in my arms. It has been a tumultuous last few months due to pregnancy and balancing two kids with work – I felt like I was up to my ears in stress. In the end, I had to make the hard decision to step away […]


Getting Back into Postpartum Exercise

We know, we know, exercise is most definitely the last thing on your mind right now given that you’ve just delivered a little human, have only slept a handful of hours and are probably leaking from places you didn’t even know could leak! However that is not to say that exercise should be written off […]


Loving Our Little Ones: The Lessons We Learn

About The Author: Zohra Ibrahim has written in today to share with us the choices that we face when it comes to our children, even when they are still in the womb, and the lessons that she has learnt on her motherhood journey – it is a post that many, many of us will resonate […]


The Average Joe Dad on Patience

About the Author: The Average Joe Dad is a dad of one who decided to write in about his experience so far of being, well, an average dad. In this post, he talks about his journey of taking his son to football classes for the very first time. As I look back on the past […]