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**This post has been sponsored by MKTV. Although sponsored, we aim to give a true review of any product that features on MMM**

Feel like you’re constantly hovering over your child when they’re on the ipad? Or perhaps between school and extracurricular activities, you’re struggling to find the time to teach your child their Arabic. Whatever the case is, we’ve got just the app for you: Muslim Kids TV a.k.a MKTV. 

Known as the Netflix for Muslim Kids, Muslim Kids TV first started back in 2016 by a husband and wife team and is now the largest Islamic platform of its kind, providing Muslim children with a variety of material to help grow their love and understanding of their faith and culture. 

“Not more screen time” but hear us out! When it comes to our kids, avoiding any form of screen time is practically impossible in this day and age of technology, and given the right type of digital exposure, using a screen can actually help to enhance your child’s learning. This is why using an app like MKTV ticks the boxes when it comes to safe and healthy online activity. 

So, where do you start? Simple, just download the app. 

How To Use Muslim Kids TV 

  1. Download the MKTV app using this link:
  2. Sign up using your details and opt for the 14 day free trial
  3. And that’s it. Your child will have full access to all of the resources MKTV has to offer.

If you’re not ready to commit just yet, read on below to see why we loved MKTV and why your kids will love it too!

7 Reasons Why You Should Download Muslim Kids TV 

1. The kids won’t get bored!

As Muslim Kids TV has 15,000 resources (yes, that is not a typo!) on their platform, your child won’t feel the need to switch between apps once they complete an activity on the app. From games to printables to Quran recitation to books, this app has it all and can keep them entertained for a good amount of time. A bonus for those parents who love a clutter-free home screen on their phones! 

2. The games are fun and engaging

From educational games to ones that are more suitable for younger children, it is a guarantee that your child will find more than one game that they will enjoy. In fact, some of the games may even suck you in as proven when we gave MKTV a trial run – I was hooked on the Iftar meal planning and Flight Sim games. 

A great game to explore for the older kids (and yourself too once the kids are asleep!) is Time Hoppers. This is the very first Islamic adventure game which follows the main character and their friends back in time to the historic Silk Road so they can save the day. Something we particularly  loved about the game is that the main character can be customised to your child’s liking and includes hijabs, a range of skin tones and even a wheelchair. 

Download the app here

3. The Live TV feature is great for any age

Whether you have a tween or toddler, the Live TV feature caters for any age and your child will be able to watch Islamic and non-Islamic shows that are both heartwarming and great at teaching valuable life lessons. 

On top of the Live TV, they also have a range of videos that your child can choose from, whether it is Maths Xplosion or Mama and Lullu, they are guaranteed to find something that they will enjoy. You’ll be able to add their favourite shows to a playlist under “Your Collection” to save you looking for it the next time they log in. 

A small issue that I found with the videos and Live-TV was that it was missing the option of having subtitles – a function that would help aid those who are hard of hearing. 

4. Sharpen up their Arabic and Quran recitation

The recital and memorisation of the Quran reaps many rewards from Allah so we, as parents, strive to ensure our children are on top of their Arabic and Quran recitation. MKTV makes things easier for us by incorporating a Quran section in which your child can listen to the recitation of the Quran by different reciters whilst following the Arabic text and also record their own recitals to playback later. They are then able to record their progress which they can find in the “stats” page. 

If your child has just started to learn the basics, MKTV has an abundance of videos and games where they can learn the Arabic alphabet in a fun and easy way. 

5. The Ebook library covers just about everything and anything

The collection of ebooks that Muslim Kids TV have on their platform is vast and you can filter them by reading and language, printables, world, love of Allah, environment, science and healthy habits. 

We were particularly drawn in by the particular topics that the ebooks cover, including how to cope with death (Life Will Go On), hijab (Dear Diary Hijab) and social media (All About Social Media); matters that our kids will come across at some point in their lives. 

6. It is easy to use and comes ad-free. 

Considering how big and vast the app is, those little fingers will have no issues tapping away at the screen to find what they’re looking for and you’re able to use it across many platforms including phones, tablets, laptops and smart TV.  Plus, there are no sneaky pop-up ads to ruin your experience.

7. It isn’t just for kids!

Whilst the kids will have an absolute blast using MKTV, parents can make the most out of it too by reading the MKTV parenting blog. You’ll be able to find a great range of articles that cover just about everything when it comes to parenting; from duas for depression to lessons on how to raise successful children, it’s a great resource to turn to when you need an Islamic perspective on things. 

Some notable articles (which come with a free ebook included!) that we think are great are:

A 7-Step Guide To Parenting A Tween 

Islamic Perspective on Mental Health In Kids

The Story of Prophet Isa (a.s)

Psst, you do not need to download the app to access the above articles!


All in all, MKTV is a fantastic app that promotes a safe and healthy screen time experience for your kids. You won’t need to worry about what may pop up on the screen whilst you’re not looking nor do you need to stress about exposing your child to questionable material. Sure, the app might need some fine-tuning when it comes to accessibility (e.g. subtitles) but these are small issues that we’re sure will be ironed out in the near future. It really is a one of a kind app!

Tap the banner below to get the app!

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