Mum Guilt

Dear Readers,I write this (one-handed!) as I hold little Mila in my arms. It has been a tumultuous last few months due to pregnancy and balancing two kids with work – I felt like I was up to my ears in stress. In the end, I had to make the hard decision to step away […]


Loving Our Little Ones: The Lessons We Learn

About The Author: Zohra Ibrahim has written in today to share with us the choices that we face when it comes to our children, even when they are still in the womb, and the lessons that she has learnt on her motherhood journey – it is a post that many, many of us will resonate […]


The Average Joe Dad on Patience

About the Author: The Average Joe Dad is a dad of one who decided to write in about his experience so far of being, well, an average dad. In this post, he talks about his journey of taking his son to football classes for the very first time. As I look back on the past […]

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A Part of Me

One of our favourite mums, Sameera Bhayat, is back again with a great piece about how she coped with sending her daughter to nursery as she returned to work. In her own words “For all the parents about to embark, or reembark on the childcare and work journey, I hope these are a few comforting […]


Gratitude – what?

About the Author: Zombie Mum is back this week with an interesting insight on how to teach your children about gratitude and also includes great tips on how to teach them about saving money! Celebrations run all through the year.  We have cake-a-licious birthdays, quarterly Eids, mothers-fathers-siblings-grandparents days, and let us not forget the fun […]


Power of Intentions

We’ve all heard of good intentions and bad intentions, but what about negative intentions? Mum of many, Zombie Mother, talks to us about negative intentions today on MMM and how to combat it when it comes to our kids. Intentions, intentions, intentions; we have always been taught the importance of intentions.  We have to have […]

How I became a sex and vaginismus coach

How I Became a Sex and Vaginismus Coach? Amirah’s Story

Amirah Zaky is a sexual wellness coach specialising helping women prevent and overcome painful sex. She is passionate about muslims educating themselves about sex and their bodies and teaches muslims how to prioritise sexual pleasure in their marriages. This is her story of how she discovered her passion and made it into a business.  The […]


My Baby Girl

Below, is one strong lady’s account of still birth and how she coped through her loss. Fatim Dossa has allowed us to publish her story, which was originally published in The Muslims Mums Magazine Issue 10. Trigger Warning: Stillbirth & Baby Loss One of the first things a couple plans when they get married is […]


Overwhelming Guilt

Welcome back Sameera Bhayat, a popular guest writer here at MMM. Having written about her motherhood journey last time, she’s back with a new post about the dreaded “mum guilt” which most of us have been feeling in the last 12 months! Lockdown or not. I always have one form of company. ‘Mum’ guilt. It […]


A Mother’s Loss

Today, we’re talking about baby loss. It’s not an easy feat to accept but one mum, Fatema Dayamani, tells us her story and how she turned to Him for healing. Trigger warning: baby loss. “I’m sorry, it’s not good news” The words no expectant parents want to hear, words that can shatter the heart into […]