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Depending on what country you’re living in, it may be compulsory or recommended that your child wears a mask on public transport, in school or when you’re out and about. However, we all know it can be a struggle just to get them to wear a pair of matching socks so what hope is there when it comes to a mask?

Not to worry, getting a fun and safe mask for them to wear is the first step in the right direction and luckily, there are 100s of great children’s masks available out there, from bright pink unicorns to toned down neutral masks. 

Just a few key points before we get started:

  • Although these facemasks are not considered to be medical grade, they are known to prevent the spread of germs and viruses that occur via air droplets. 
  • WHO recommends that for a face mask to be effective, the nose, chin and mouth should be covered and should be put on with well-sanitised hands. 
  • WHO also suggests that those children who are in good health are able to wear fabric masks but does not suggest these masks for those kids who have a health condition. 
  • It is recommended that children under the age of 3 should not wear a mask due to suffocation risks. 
  • It is compulsory for children to wear a mask in school if they are over the age of 11. This includes in the corridors and classrooms.

7 Face Masks Your Kids Will Want To Wear

Organic Children’s Masks, Zoocchini 

These organic kid’s face masks from Zoochini are made with 95% certified organic cotton, which are easy to breathe in, and 5% spandex to make it soft on your children’s skin. Plus they are lined with undyed organic cotton which has no nasty chemicals. They come in a set of cute animal prints that they’ll love and also a mermaid and unicorn pack. 

Age: 3 – 6 year olds
Price: £12.95 for a set of 3 

Buy here

Star-print Mask, Mimi & Lula 

We love this stylish unisex facemask that has a coated canvas, waterproof outer layer with a 100% cotton lining. They have an inner pocket for an optional filter and the ear straps are adjustable. We also love the solar system mask. 

Age: 3 – 12 year olds
Price: £8.00

Buy here

Dinos Mask, VistaPrint

The Vistaprint Dinos mask is extremely light with a great filtration system so that your child finds it easy to breathe through. The nose bridge is bendable to ensure a nice snug fit and they’re also machine washable and durable. 

Age range: 4+ 
Price: £13.00

Buy Here

Unicorn Mask, Monsoon

Have a massive unicorn fan on your hands? These lovely and fun unicorn masks from Monsoon are made with a soft fabric and have adjustable ear straps to ensure a good fit. They also come with a reusable protective bag which you can store the used masks in until laundry day! 

Age: 3+
Price: £3.00 for 2

Buy Here

Let’s Face It Facemasks, Selfie Craft Co

The subtle designs on the Let’s Face It masks are great for kids who don’t want any bright colours or patterns on their masks and go great with any outfit they wear. These reusable cotton masks come with an activated carbon filter that protects the child from dust, pollen and pollution. 

Age: 4+
Price: £5 for 5 

Buy Here

Kid’s Full Coverage Accordion Mask, GAP

We’re almost tempted to buy this funky banana mask from GAP for ourselves! Gap’s masks are made with a light and soft weight triple layer cotton to ensure a great breathable mask. The nose is adjustable so it can be molded around the child’s nose and they’re also reusable!

Age: 4+
Price: £2.95 for 3

Buy Here

Reusable Hygienic Masks, Mango

Mango have released a stylish range of masks just for kids which are ideal for matching with their outfits, especially if you have a wedding coming up! They are durable for up to 25 washes and have 60% of breathability. 

Age: 3+
Price £7.99 for one

Buy here

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