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Planning for your second (or third) is a little different to the first because you’re thinking, I have everything I need from the first so do I really need to buy anymore things? You’ve got all the clothes washed and ironed, muslins folded and ready to go, car seat fitted in, etc. but what about items to make your transition from one to two easier.

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We’ve put together a list of items that help to make that transition a little easier for you. Whilst you don’t need to buy everything or anything from the list below, it can be a useful reminder about items that you may have not used the first time but could be very handy on the second go! I’m now a firm supporter in a baby carrier which was collecting dust after the eldest was born but is now my everyday must-use item!

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1. Buggy Board

I was adamant on not buying a double stroller seeing as my eldest is in that in-between stage where he can walk but will eventually need a stroller to keep him going. Not wanting to buy another stroller to accommodate the both of them, the buggy board was a great purchase. You can attach it to the baby’s stroller and the older child can stand up/sit on it once they’re tired of walking. 

2. Baby Sling or Carrier

Whilst I did use the sling sparingly the first time round, it has been an absolute MUST this time round just so I can remain hands-free. 

I’ve been able to discreetly feed her on the go, manage a few errands around the house and even manage to exercise with her snugly tucked away in the carrier. It’s also a great way to be able to spend time with the eldest as both hands are free to help him in any way possible!

3. Baby Swing or Bouncer

When you’re tired of carrying a baby around in the sling, a bouncer or swing is the second best option. Something that, again, I used more so second time round! 

Swings can come with remotes that can rock the baby gently so you don’t have to manually push them, whereas bouncers follow the baby’s natural movements and move with them. Neither is better than the other but both do the trick of keeping the baby in a safe space! 

4. Portable Breast Pump

Having used a wired pump the first time round, I needed a pump that I could use on the go, especially during nursery drop-off, bathtime and getting on with work. The Elvie managed to do the job without me needing a hand to hold it in place. Just be sure to wear a good-fitting nursing bra to prevent any spillage.

5. Sound machine to drown out older kids

You’ve finally managed to get the baby to sleep but if you’ve got a toddler or two running around and making noise, the nap might not last long. We’ve managed to avoid this by purchasing a sound machine to help drown out all the noise and to keep the baby snoozing all the way through. The Quran Cube is a handy alternative too!

6. Bigger nappy bag to hold both kids stuff

Regardless of how old your eldest is, carrying a spare outfit for them is always useful. Add in the new baby’s nappies, clothes, wipes, changing mat, bottles, feeding cover etc, and you’ll find that your go-to-bag isn’t enough! I switched to a rucksack with organisers to help hold both kid’s items and it worked out great when we were travelling. 

7. Baby Lounger

If you already have one from the first time round, it may be time to refresh the cover. If you didn’t get one, this might just be worth the purchase! This lounger is great hands-free option to have when you want to place the baby down and especially when you want them to be away from all the running around. Dock-a-tot has a great range of stylish covers to suit you and your baby! 

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