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You’ve just completed doing up your child’s room with .. but something is just missing. Maybe it’s a splash of colour in an otherwise neutral nursery. Maybe the space themed bedroom is one step away from looking out of this world. Or perhaps you’re not sure how to incorporate an Islamic element in their rooms. Worry not, we’ve put together a list of Islamic prints for a nursery or child’s bedroom that go in any room, no matter the theme! 

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Islamic Wall Prints for Your Child’s Nursery and Bedroom

1. Universe Print with Quranic Verse

If you’ve set a space theme for your child’s bedroom, this Universe print from Little Muslim Prints will fit right in. You’ll be able to teach your child about all the planets in the solar system too. The “To Jannah and Beyond!” print would go perfectly with this.

Purchase here: Print 1* | Print 2*

2. He is with you wherever you go

This print serves as a gentle and comforting reminder to your child that Allah is always with them wherever they may be.

Car Print by Marz Arts Studio*

Purchase here*

3. Daily Gratitude 

Sometimes we need a small reminder about what we should be thankful for and this print does a great job at pointing them out!

Gratitude by Aleenyaw*

Purchase here*

4. Four Quls

The 4 Quls are powerful surahs and are recited for protection so a child’s room is the ideal place to put these prints.

4 Quls by Marz Arts Studio*

Purchase here*

5. Ayatul Kursi

The Ayatul Kursi verse is known to have many powerful and beneficial properties. Reciting this before bed is recommended as Allah appoints an angel to protect you until the morning – something that is soothing for a child to hear before sleeping. Here are a few that we love. 

Purchase here: Print 1* | Print 2* | Print 3* | Print 4* | Print 5* | Print 6*

6. Five Daily Prayers

We love these different and fun variations of the five daily prayers and your kids will love it too. We’ve picked out some of our favourites.

Purchase here: Print 1* | Print 2* | Print 3*

7. Wudu Guide

Prints don’t just have to be for a baby so here’s one that is great for older kids who may be soon getting into the swing of praying. This detailed wudu guide is easy on the eyes and can serve as a great reminder on how to carry out wudu in case they forget. 

Wudu Guide by Islamic Foil Prints*

Purchase here*

8. Arabic Alphabet and Numbers

Start them young on their Arabic numbers and alphabet using these fun prints.

Purchase here: Print 1* | Print 2*| Print 3* | Print 4* | Print 5* | Print 6*

9. Islamic Themed Alphabet

On the other hand, if you’re looking to teach them the English alphabet with a sprinkle of Islam, this Islamic Alphabet print is fun. 

Purchase here*

10. Arabic Initial Print

We love these Arabic name prints that are simple and stylish.

Purchase here: Print 1* | Print 2* | Print 3* | Print 4*

11. Mini Member of the Ummah

We couldn’t avoid the cuteness of the little Earth on the Member of the Ummah print and nor should you.

Member of the Ummah by Little Muslim Prints*

Purchase here*

12. Colours of Islam

Here is a fun Islamic take on teaching colours to your child.

Colours of Islam by Marz Arts Studio*

Purchase here*

13. Personalised Protection Dua

Make your child feel special with their own personalised protection dua print. All you have to do is supply your child’s name, initial and your chosen colour scheme, and let Little Muslim Prints do the rest. 

Personalised Protection Dua by Little Muslim Prints*

Purchase here*

14. Dua before sleeping

A beautiful print that is ideal to keep by your child’s bedside. We’ve included two versions.

Purchase here: Print 1* | Print 2*

15. Dua when Waking

And it only makes sense to include a dua for waking up!

Purchase here: Print 1* | Print 2*

16. Dhikr Rainbow

This Dhikr half rainbow print serves as a great reminder of the Greatness of Allah. It comes in a range of colours and themes, including pink, muted, pastels, stars, space, navy/green and more. You can also purchase the other half of the Dhikr rainbow to complete the set.

Purchase here: Print 1* | Print 2* | Print 3 *

17. Salaam Sunshine

It’s cute. It’s simple. It’s perfect for your little one’s wall! 

Salaam Sunshine by Little Muslim Prints*

Purchase here*

18. 5 Pillars of Islam 

This colourful rainbow print comes adorned with the 5 pillars of Islam and will add a nice splash of colour to the nursery.

5 Pillars by Marz Arts Studio*

Purchase here*

19. Within You is Enfolded The Entire Universe

Allow your child to recognise the power they have within themselves with this fantastic empowering quote from Imam Ali (a.s.). 

Purchase here: Print 1* | Print 2 *

20. Months of Islam

A helpful and vibrant print to aid your child in remembering the Islamic calendar!

Islamic Months by Marz Arts Studio*

Purchase here*

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