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Ramadan Advent calendars are a fairly new Ramadan concept and we are living for it. Not only are they great at getting children into the spirit of Ramadan but they can also be used as a learning tool for them too like a good deed or dua/surah a day calendar. You can find a variety of them online, from the classic calendars filled with chocolates to the more snazzy wooden mosque calendars, plus they also have adult versions too! 

We’ve decided to put together a list of Ramadan Advent calendars for kids that are reusable, affordable (there are some great DIY projects on this list too) and are an absolute joy for the kids to be gifted with before Ramadan begins. Just be sure to be quick as some of these shops close just before Ramadan starts! 

Disclaimer: This link may contain affiliate links and we will note these with an asterisk (*).  

9 Ramadan Advent Calendars For Kids That We Love

1. Hessian Jumbo Prayer Mat Advent Calendar,

If you want an advent calendar that not only keeps the kids happy but is also aesthetically pleasing, this rustic and chic ramadan advent calendar from is ideal. It comes in the shape of a prayer mat and each pocket is deep enough to add either a small toy or chocolates/sweets/dates.

Price: £12.99 without toys 


2. A Gratitude A Day Advent Calendar,

The “Gratitude A Day” advent calendar from ticks our boxes when it comes to Advent calendars: it is reusable, affordable, teaches children about values and it is pleasing to the eye.

Price: £12.99


3. Ramadan Calendar,

Another chic Ramdan calendar that works in any room, the Lila and Tiny canvas calendar is minimalistic and quaint. Each pocket of the month is deep enough to pack treats for multiple kids and is embroidered with an Islamic illustration. 

Price: £16.00


4. Ramadan Good Deed Calendar, Designed By Sanna

These absolutely beautiful Ramadan good deed calendars from Designed by Sanna are a fantastic way of encouraging children to fulfil a daily good deed throughout Ramadan. All calendars come with a list of good deed prompts that you can cut out and place behind each door, plus a bonus scavenger hunt sheet to help keep the kids occupied during Ramadan and lockdown! The calendar comes in two versions: neutral or multicoloured.

Price: £82 for the calendar and £108 for the calendar with tassels


5. Ramadan Calendar with Drawers, Laser Craft Shapes

We love that this wooden advent calendar comes plain so it doubles up a fun activity for the kids to decorate as well as providing an Eid countdown! The drawers are large enough for your treat of choice (toys, crayons, confectionary, sweets etc) and this can be reusable for many more Ramadans. 

Price: £19.99 


6. DIY Ramadan Good Deed Calendar, And Then She Said blog

If you’ve left it a little too late to order your child’s Ramadan calendar, not to worry, this DIY calendar from the And Then She Said blog is easy and quick to put together. Plus it only requires envelopes and a pinboard. It’s great at encouraging children to fulfil their daily good deed quota for Ramadan and can be filled with temporary tattoos, stickers and more. 

Price: Free


7. Barakah Box, QuranCo

This Barakah Box advent calendar is a beautiful option if you have older children and would make for a lovely decorative piece for their bedroom. Each day of the month comes as a cube that can be filled with a treat of choice and has a verse from the Quran printed on it. 

Price: £30.00


8. Ramadan Countdown DIY Calendar, Mummy On My Mind

All this DIY countdown calendar from Mummy On My Mind requires is a quick Amazon shop for a few materials to put it together and can be completed in under an hour. It’s a great way at getting the children involved in Ramadan preparation and also at instilling good deeds in them throughout the month as you can place a good deed to be completed for the day in each pocket. A great calendar for children of all ages. 

Price: Free


9. Ramadan Calendar Gift Bags, Bigoudi Bigoudi

Yes, they’re based all the way in Australia but these Ramadan calendar gift bags from Bigoudi Bigoudi are simply stunning. Whether you want to create a Ramadan “tree” or simply hang them with drawstring, they are extremely versatile too. You can also opt for personalisation on the bag so that it can become a keepsake for you child. 

Price: $119 AUD 


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