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Packing your hospital bag is perhaps one of the biggest and exciting milestones of your pregnancy. You’re far along enough now that the idea of meeting your little one is just a matter of weeks away. Now, you just have a hard decision of choosing what cute outfit you want baby to be wearing after birth.

We definitely recommend having your hospital bag packed at least a month ahead of your due date – you never know when you’ll pop and it’s best to be ready! This also holds true if you are not planning on giving birth at a hospital or birthing centre as you may end up making a trip to the hospital.

We’ve put together the ultimate hospital bag checklist which includes items for mum, dad/birthing partner, baby, and a few extras you may like. It may seem like a lot to pack but this is just a list of recommendations so make sure you enjoy the process. Your partner can always run out to grab a few things you may have forgotten!

MMM Advice: It may be worth packing a separate bag for yourself and baby and/or packing the bag with your birthing partner so they know exactly where everything for mum and baby is!



  • Sleepsuits – Depending on the number of days you will be staying in the hospital, 3-5 sleepsuits are good. 
  • Hats, Mittens, Vests and Socks

MMM Advice: Pack each outfit with hat, mittens, vests, and socks in a labelled ziploc bag. E.g. 2 x newborn plus accessories, 0-3 months plus accessories, 1 month plus accessories. This makes it easier for your birthing partner/midwife to grab when the baby is born! 

  • Going home outfit – bring baby home in style with an adorable suit.
  • Swaddles – perfect for wrapping a baby in and can double up as a blanket! 
  • Muslin squares – Great to have on hand when feeding. 
  • Blankets – whilst the hospital will have blankets on hand, a personalised blanket will make for a great photo opp.
  • Nappies  
  • Water wipes – These wipes are ideal for a newborn baby’s bottom and are made using plant-based ingredients.
  • Vaseline – Handy when trying to clean meconium poop from baby’s bottom, plus it keeps your lips plump too! 
  • Car seat – super important as you won’t be let home without one.
  • Mini Quran – to place under the baby’s pillow in their cot 
  • Dates – to rub on the baby’s gums after birth
  • Zam zam water – to rub on the baby’s gum after birth

Sleepsuits // Swaddles // Swaddles // Muslin Squares // Blankets // Nappies // Water Wipes // Vaseline // Car Seat


  • Birthing notes – Make sure your birth plan is updated with instructions on what exactly  and be sure to make 2 copies. 
  • Button down pyjamas – These will come in handy when feeding and also ideal for skin to skin time. 
  • Hospital clothes – old pregnancy dresses/shirts or loose joggers and a maternity top will do the trick
  • Slippers – rubber slippers will be great when walking around the ward or going to the washroom.
  • Toiletries – You’ll want to feel fresh after delivery so purchasing a one of the travel toiletries kits may do the trick. Also, do not forget the essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, glasses/contact lenses (if necessary), hairbrush, hairbands, face wash, and face cream. Leave the perfume at home as you won’t want the baby to ingest this whilst feeding.
  • Perineum bottle – After delivery, especially with stitches, going to the washroom won’t be pleasant. Keep the area clean and sting-free by squeezing warm water from this perineum bottle whilst peeing. 
  • Antibac wipes – a good idea when and if you are sharing the bathroom.
  • Make up – A small bag of essentials like concealer or bb cream and mascara. Sure, it may not feel like an “essential” thing to pack but it may make you feel good post delivery.
  • Nursing bras – bring a couple of nursing bras with you.
  • Underwear – Forget the itchy disposable underwear and instead opt for a pack of large black granny pants that are one size bigger than your regular size.
  • Socks – Surprisingly your feet will get cold during labour so wrap them up!
  • Nursing Pads – Stop any milk leakages
  • Nipple Cream – Soothe any sore, cracked nipples with this nipple cream. It is safe for newborns to ingest too. 
  • Nipple Shield – They may not be used but can be handy if baba is finding it difficult to latch. 
  • Soft towels – It’s best to avoid using toilet paper as the tissue can get stuck in your stitches so these small, cheap towels are great for patting down your genitals after washing yourself. Be sure to buy a bunch so you can have one readily available at all times and change regularly. Once you’re done with them, place them in a plastic bag and take them home to wash.
  • Maternity pads/nappies – they may not seem the most attractive but the lady tena pants are great for any postpartum bleeding or leakages. 
  • List of duas
  • Shawl/wrap – A large shawl that can work as a hijab, breastfeeding cover, or blanket 
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes and towels – if your waters broke in your favourite clothes or there is vomit on one of your pyjamas, a plastic bag will keep your dirty laundry away from the clean items in your suitcase.
  • Arnica – you can take the tablets to help heal from any tears, bruising, and cuts post delivery. They do not effect your milk in anyway and should be taken a few weeks leading up to your labour.
  • Snacks and drinks – depending on how long your labour is, you may end up feeling peckish and may not be able to make your way to the vending machines, so be sure to pack plenty of snacks to keep you going
  • Straws – these will come in great use for your birthing partner to help you drink if you are unable to use your hands.

Slippers // Perineum Bottle // Nursing Pads // Nipple Cream // Nipple Shields // Lady Tena Pants // Arnica Pills


  • List of people to call – Making a list of instructions of who to call, when, and their number makes life easier for your birthing partner instead of them scrolling aimlessly through their phone.  
  • Snacks – keep snacks light and healthy
  • Change of clothes – ideally, dad should wear a buttoned casual shirt or t-shirt, so he can easily have skin to skin time when baby is born. 
  • Toiletries – depending on how long your labour is, he may want to freshen up so pack a small bag of basic toiletries. 
  • Phone charger(s) – make sure it is one with an extra long cord so it can reach around the bed.
  • Cash – for the hospital car parks and/or vending machines.


  • Cord blood banking (if using)
  • Wireless earphones – Opt to listen to soothing meditation music or surahs 
  • Ipad or tablet – depending on how long your labour is, you may be able to catch up on your favourite show whilst you wait.
  • Quran Cube
  • Tens machine – You can borrow the hospital’s one but can be handy to have your own during labour. 
  • Fan – Depending on the weather, you may feel extremely hot during labour – a handheld electric fan can help you. 

Earphones // Quran Cube // Tens Machine

And there you have it, the ultimate hospital bag checklist for Muslim parents that covers baby, mum, and dad/birthing partner!

Did you over or under pack in your hospital bag? Let us know what your hospital bag essentials are in the comment section below!

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