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Although International Women’s Day has passed (8th March), we believe that everyday should be about celebrating women’s empowerment and that this should be instilled in all children from a young age so we can achieve equality. So we’ve put together a list of 9 children’s books, both fiction and non-fiction, that show empowerment, bravery and make for a great story time with the kids!

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9 Children’s Books for International Women’s Day

The Proudest Blue, Ibtihaj Muhammad 

Written by the Olympic medallist, Ibtihaj Muhammad, The Proudest Blue is a fictional book that takes you on the journey of two sisters, Asiya and Faizah, and what they must face when Faizah starts to wear the hijab. A lovely uplifting story that teaches children to be proud of who they are. 

Ages: 4+ 

Buy here: Amazon*

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Little Feminist Picture Book, Yelena Moroz

The Little Feminist is a picture book dedicated to celebrating 25 amazing women throughout history. From Queen Elizabeth I to Frida Kahlo to Katherine Johnson, each page is dedicated to a history-changing woman and it is short and colourful to keep the little one interested. 

If your ones are a lot younger, they also the Little Feminist in a board book version which is split up by Activists, Leaders, Artists and Pioneers. You can buy it here: Amazon* 

Ages: 5+ 

Buy Here: Amazon*

My Story of Standing Up for Girl’s Rights, Malala Yousafzai

The youngest Nobel Peace prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, retells her story in this fantastic book of standing up to the violence and extremism she faced in Pakistan in order to continue her education. This book follows her journey up until today, highlighting her bravery and what can be achieved if we stand up for what we believe in. 

Ages: 7+

Buy Here: Amazon* 

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, Vashti Harrison

From Vashti Harrison, Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History explores the lives of inspirational Black women who shattered the glass ceilings of their time. This book includes both popular and lesser-known figures like Katherine Johnson, Diane Abbott, Alice Ball and Josephine Baker. An essential for the book shelf!

Vashti Harrison has also written a book called Little Leaders:Visionary Women Around The World, which you can buy here: Amazon* 

Ages: 5+ 

Buy Here: Amazon* 

Muslim Girls Rise, Saira Mir

The Muslim Girls Rise book feautures 19 inspirational muslim women of our time including Muslims like Ilhan Omar, Dalia Mogahed and Ibtihaj Muhammad. Each page outlines the hard journey these women took, whether it was in the culinary arts, politics or sports, and how they never took no for an answer but instead achieved their dreams. 

Ages: 6+

Buy Here Amazon*

Little People Big Dreams Collection, Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara 

We absolutely love the Little People, Big Dreams collection which explores the lives of outstanding people in history and how they were inspired to get into what they are known for today. A fantastic collection inspiring the younger generation to not be afraid of fulfilling their dreams and changing the world. 

They have an extensive collection of books dedicated to women who have shaped history and some of our favourites are Rosa Parks, Maria Montessori, Amelia Earhart and many, many more. 

They also have a board book collection for younger children. 

Ages: 4+

Buy Here: Amazon*

Amal Unbound, Aisha Saeed

Inspired by Malala’s fight for her right to education, Aisha Saeed has written about Amal, a young girl who’s education and dreams of becoming a teacher comes to a halt once she is told she must stay home and look after her siblings as the eldest daughter. She manages to find ways to continue learning until an unfortunate incident occurs. The story is about her coming to a realisation that she must fight for herself and her dreams. 

Ages: 10+

Buy Here: Amazon*

ABC For Me: ABC What Can She Be?, Sugar Snap Studio

If you’re in the midst of teaching your child their ABCs, this fantastic board book is your new best friend. Not only does it go through the alphabet but it also explores 26 different career paths that are fun, challenging and makes a big impact. Think deep sea diver, quantum physicists and chefs!

Ages: 3+

Buy Here: Amazon*

Drummer Girl, Hiba Masood 

Every year, little Najma looks forward to all the Ramadan rituals her family partake in – hanging up the fanoos lights, sipping on warm cardamom tea and most of all, waking up to the sound of the musaharati (drum beater) for suhoor. She aspires to be a musaharati when she grows up however no woman has ever been onei before. Follow her journey of determination, empowerment and battling of gender bias in this fantastic book. 

Ages: 4+

Buy Here

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