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Happy Women’s Day to all you lovely women out there !

It has certainly not been an easy year for any mum or mum-to-be out there; we have seen COVID place an enormous stress on their lives like having to endure labour on their own, homeschooling their children whilst balancing their regular job, not being able to have help from extended family – the list goes on.

Mothers really have carried the burden during the pandemic and some of them may not be okay so please do make sure you reach out with a virtual helping hand when you can!

Today, we’re here to celebrate IWD so here are some great Muslim mums who we love and find inspiring:

5 Inspirational Muslim Mums We Love

Asil Attar

Asil Attar has a long list of accomplishments to her name including being the first female CEO for three leading groups in the Middle East (one which had not had a female CEO in over 100 years!), being listed as one of Forbes top 100 influential Arab Women and top 200 Powerful Women, awarded the Top Female CEO in Kuwait in 2018 and much, much more. She also has her own podcast – the Turban Thinker – and is an ambassador for women empowerment.

Listen to her podcast, the Turban Thinker, here.

Soumaya Hamdi

Soumaya Hamdi is the managing director and founder behind Halal Travel Guide, an online platform dedicated to writing halal travel guides and organising trips for Muslim travellers. The idea behind HTG started from a road trip across South East Asia which she embarked on with her husband and 4 month old daughter. Her aim is to encourage all Muslims out there to seek the less-travelled path. 

Check out her website here.

Zehra Allibhai

Zehra Allibhai from The FitNest was one of the first Muslim female trainers to have an online platform. Having come from a background of Kinesiology and Health Sciences, she is fully trained and knowledgable when it comes to diet and exercise and encourages women out there to lead a healthy lifestyle. Not only does she have online plans (30 days to fit or a 6 week challenge) to help you reach your fitness goals, she also runs her own private group classes and one-to-one personal training sessions, both in-person and virtually.

Follow her on Instagram here.

Na’ima B Robert 

Na’ima B Robert is a successful author of multicultural literature and the founder and editor of SISTER’S Magazine – an editorial for Muslim women that focuses on taboo topics in the Muslim community. As well as being an advocate for women’s rights to cover, she writes Islamic and Muslim related pieces for large publications like The Times and The Guardian.

For her website, click here.


Iman from the And Then She Said blog has been blogging her home schooling adventures, organisation tips, etc for a few years and has amassed a large and loyal audience thanks to her fantastic content that covers parenting, organisation, crafts and food. You can find Islamic printables, ideas for Ramadan, meal plans and reviews all on her website.

Read her website here.

Just an end note to say that all you women out there are incredible and let’s keep working together to shatter the glass ceiling we may face!

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