Popular and Unique Muslim Girl Names

Finding a name for your child can be quite difficult; you’ll want it to have a nice meaning, a name that will “suit” them, plus you’ve got to consider all of the nicknames that will come with the name. We’re here to help with a list of popular and unique Muslim girl names that all […]


Popular Muslim Boy Names

Are you currently expecting and struggling to find a boy’s name that you both love? Or perhaps you’re not even close to expecting and are just dreaming about your future children and all of their names (don’t worry, we all have that list of baby names that we love on our phones too). Not to […]


7 Fun Face Masks For Children

Depending on what country you’re living in, it may be compulsory or recommended that your child wears a mask on public transport, in school or when you’re out and about. However, we all know it can be a struggle just to get them to wear a pair of matching socks so what hope is there […]


Children’s Books About Palestine

Children are never too young to learn about the history of Palestine and the current events that are occurring out there, especially if they are at the age that they can use social media. If you want to introduce your child to the Palestinian history and culture, doing so via a book is one of […]


Eid Series: Where do I Buy Ethnic Clothes for My Children?

With Eid around the corner, it’s probably something that’s on your mind – what will the kids wear? As we all know it is a Sunnah to wear our best clothes on Eid and whilst there is absolutely no obligation to buy something new, if you do choose to get them a new outfit, we’ve […]


Eid Gift Guide: Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

Surprisingly, the younger the child, the harder it is to buy them a present that will be both be appreciated and worth their while in terms of education. Don’t you worry, we’ve put together a collection of gifts that are bound to make any young child happy. Of course, there is the typical slime kit, […]


10 Child-Friendly Ramadan Recipes

Getting your children involved in your family meal preparation has been proven to help children develop a healthy attitude towards food and can also be a good way to introduce new foods to even the fussiest of eaters. Not only does it allow your child to feel happy to be helping mum and dad out […]


21 Ramadan Books for Children of All Ages

As adults, it’s easy for us to get into the spirits of Ramadan even in the midst of a pandemic. However the same can’t really be said about kids, especially the younger children. They may be wondering why mummy isn’t eating for the majority of the day, they could have 100s questions about what Ramadan […]


Fun Ramadan Activities To Keep The Children Busy

Growing up, Ramadan was one of our favourite months of the year – waking up with your family for suhoor, meeting friends and family to break iftars, going to the mosque for classes etc – which is why we want to instill the same spirits into our children so that they too can appreciate this […]


Positive Parenting Series: How to Get Your Kids Excited About Ramadhan

About the author: About the author: Suhayla is one of the primary content creators and contributors for the MMM team. When she’s not writing for us, she’s busy being a Mama to two young children and also is a pharmacist in one of London’s NHS Trusts. She particularly enjoys writing about islamic parenting, promoting wellbeing […]