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As adults, it’s easy for us to get into the spirits of Ramadan even in the midst of a pandemic. However the same can’t really be said about kids, especially the younger children. They may be wondering why mummy isn’t eating for the majority of the day, they could have 100s questions about what Ramadan is, and they’re probably wondering if they can fast too, which is why we recommend getting them a Ramadan children’s book or two.

Not only is the extra reading good for them but it also allows you to teach your children about the values of Ramadan in a way that they will enjoy! So we’ve rounded up 21 children’s books about Ramadan that have been recommended by many parents and split them up into age groups!

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21 Children’s Books About Ramadan That We Love

Babies and Toddlers

It’s Ramadan, Curious George – H.A. Rey

This Curious George book about Ramadan is perhaps one of the most popular children’s book there is! It comes as a board book with tabs and follows George as he celebrates Ramadan with his friend, Kareem, and his family.

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My First Book About Ramadan, Sara Khan 

An easy read for toddlers that introduces them to Ramadan and why and how we celebrate this holy month. As well as the beautiful illustrations, the book also features key facts and answers to many of the common questions children ask about Ramadan. 

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R is for Ramadan, Greg Packroki 

A delightful colourful ABC board book that teaches toddlers that Ramadan is not just about fasting but there are other aspects too like giving charity, hospitality and praying. This is all illustrated via the 26 letters of the alphabet.

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Baby’s First Ramadan Board Book,  DK

A wonderful way to introduce Ramadan to your toddlers, this new board book goes through everything like sehri, dates, mehndi and eid. 

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Ramadan (Celebrate The World),  Hannah Elliot 

This beautifully illustrated board book explains the month of Ramadan in a simplistic and easy manner so that young kids can understand. It doesn’t just depict illustrations of Muslim families in a Western country but also Arab countries allowing children to learn about different cultures too. 

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Baby Touch Happy Eid Book, LadyBird 

This touch-and-feel Eid picture book is a simple and colourful book for babies that gently introduces them to the concept of Eid as well as helping them to engage with their senses. 

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Young Children 

Owl & Cat: Ramadan Is…, Emma Apple 

A cute book that takes children along the Ramadan journey with Owl & Cat and teaches them the values of friendship, patience and prayers during the 30 days. It also depicts different cultures and their traditions too. 

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Hassan and Aneesa Love Ramadan, Yasmeen Rahim

Join Hassan and Aneesa the night before Ramadan begins and their excitement at being able to partake in the festivities like trying to fast, praying together, having iftar with the family, giving charity and more. 

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Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr, Lisa Bullard

Not only does this book have a glossary and fun Ramadan-related activities for the kids to do, it also goes through how families celebrate Eid together in the eyes of young Rashad. 

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Ramadan Moon, Na’ima B Robert

Under The Ramadan Moon is a beautifully illustrated book by Naima B Roberts who takes the child on a lyrical journey from the very first moon sighting to indicate Ramadan has begun all the way until the second moon for Eid-Ul-Fitr is sighted. 

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Under The Ramadan Moon, Sylvia Whitman

A delightful lyrical story about a family who are currently observing Ramadan and the activities that they partake in at home and at the mosque. The lovely pastel illustrations are great for younger kids who may not be able to understand the text. 

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The Gift of Ramadan, Rabiah York Lumbard 

This is the story of little Sophia who, having been told by her grandmother that she will sparkle if she fasts, attempts to fast but is unable to so she turns to other ways to enjoy the blessed month! It’s a story that will resonate with many younger children who may not be able to fast but want to join in all the festivities too.   

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Tell Me More About Ramadan, Bachar Karoum

Follow young Laila as she learns about the concept and rituals of Ramdan outside of just fasting from dawn until dusk. It will teach children about the Quran being revealed, why we increase our prayers during this month and the act of charity. 

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Ilyas & Duck Ramadan Joy, Omar Khawaja 

When Duck realises he won’t be able to eat between suhoor and iftar, he becomes a little concerned. Little Ilyas joins him on a journey to discover the joys of Ramadan and how they can overcome Mr Mean. 

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Ilyas and Duck Fantastic Festival Eid ul Fitr, Omar Khawaja

You’ve followed Ilyas and Duck on their Ramadan journey already and now you can catch them celebrating Eid ul Fitr in this fantastic book by Omar Khawaja. As well as Ramadan, the book also dives a little into each different religion and how they celebrate their holidays too. 

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Older Children 

Lailah’s Lunchbox, Reem Faruqi 

Lailah’s Lunchbox is a great book for those children who are observing the fasts this year whilst attending school. Lailah recently moved from Abu Dhabi to the US and when Ramadan comes around, she is worried that her classmates won’t understand why she’s not eating during lunchtime. Her teacher and school librarian help her overcome her worries and feel confident in her fasting as well as make friends who are supportive of her beliefs. 

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A Party In Ramadan, Asma Mobin-Uddin MD and Laura Jacobsen 

Little Leena is a little too young to fast the whole of Ramadan so decides she wants to fast every Friday. But what happens when she’s invited to her friend’s birthday party on a Friday during Ramdan? A fantastic book that teaches children about the small challenges they may face when fasting and how they can overcome them. 

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Ramadan Around The World, Ndaa Hassan

Ramadan Around The World is a fantastic way of exposing children to diversity in people, cultures and households around the world. It also does a great job of exclusivity as we see children with disabilities, multigenerational homes, single parent families and more. An absolute must for the bookshelf!

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Eid Breakfast at Abuelas, Mariam Saad

Sofia and her parents will be having Eid breakfast at Abuela’s – her Mexican grandmother – house who is not Muslim but has cooked a festive feast for them with activities and decorations too. As well as Arabic words, the book features Spanish words too which is a nice way to build a language for your child. 

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Moon Watchers: Shirin’s Ramadan Miracle, Reza Jalali

Moon Watchers follows a young 9 year old, Shirin, who observes the first moon of Ramadan with her father. Although she would like to partake in the fasting like her old brother, Ali, she is disheartened to find her family do not recommend this and to start with partial fasts. This story tackles sibling rivalry and teaches children that Ramadan is about good deeds too.

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Ramadan: The Holy Month Of Fasting, Ausma Zehanat Khan

Whilst this book steers away from fiction, it is an excellent resource book that features many stories and photographs of Muslims around the world who are fasting. It also contains key Islamic concepts about Ramadan like the act of giving and being kind.

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And there we have it, 21 children’s books about Ramadan! What are some of your favourites? Let us know in the comment section below

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