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Growing up, Ramadan was one of our favourite months of the year – waking up with your family for suhoor, meeting friends and family to break iftars, going to the mosque for classes etc – which is why we want to instill the same spirits into our children so that they too can appreciate this amazing holy month. 

We’ve put together an awesome list of activities that your children can do either with you or without you so that they can feel involved in the festivities (which is really important given the current pandemic). From jigsaw puzzles to sensory tables and colouring in printables to paper bag mosques, we’ve got you covered with enough activities to last this month and probably next Ramadan too! 


Ramadan activity sheets/books and printables tend to be the easiest and cheapest way to keep the children busy during the month. There are just so, so many out there, especially free ones, which makes it the perfect activity for younger children who love to colour in. We’ve also thrown in a few games, puzzles and Ramadan bundles in the mix as they make for a great family activity and keep the older kids in the Ramadan loop too.

List of Ramadan Activity Sheets/Books, Printables and Bundles


Sneak in extra reading time with these Ramadan books that the kids will love to jump into. They’re an easy read so are suitable for younger children!

Ramadan Books for Children

  • It’s Ramadan, Curious George
  • Under The Ramadan Moon
  • Lailah’s Lunchbox
  • Ramadan Around The World
  • 30 Days of Ramadan
  • Tell Me More About Ramadan
  • My Grandma and Me
  • My First Ramadan


If your child is older and would be up for a little more of a challenge, why not check out this list of Ramadan related arts and crafts that they can put together after school. It may require some help from an adult but these craft ideas are great at doubling up as a learning tool for the kids. 

List of Ramadan Arts and Crafts 


Have a toddler and want them to be a part of the Ramadan fun too? Why not create a sensory box for them filled with coloured rice, chocolate coins, pom poms and more. We love this one from Hello Holy Days and also this Tuff Tray from Learning and Exploring Through Play is fantastic too.  


You’re probably very familiar with the concept of a good deed jar where by every time your child carries out a good deed, they place a marble in a jar and once the jar is full to the top, they are rewarded with a treat! It’s a great idea for Ramadan to ensure the kids are making an effort to do a good deed daily and teaches them about kindness and being helpful to those around them. We love this easy peasy one from Muslim Mummies.  

You can also track good deeds via a Ramadan advent calendar. We’ve written an extensive post about these special calendars for children in which some of them double up as a good deed tracker! You can read about them here. 

If you fancy something different and more hands on, why not have a go at creating a tree version. It’s a great way of tracking and rewarding the kids based on their good deeds of the day. You’ll need to write the good deeds on the back of each leaf and once the child accomplishes it, they can place the leaf on the tree. For extra incentive, you can choose to reward the child at the end of Ramadan based on the number of good deeds they have done! 

You can make the printable version here or watch the tutorial below:

If you’re stuck for finding 30 different daily good deeds for the kids to do, check out the following websites for inspiration:


Ramadan journaling and basically, journaling in general, is a fantastic activity for every child to try. These Ramadan journals are filled with activities, good deed and prayer trackers and educational information about Ramadan so that they are learning at the same time.

There are a variety of journals for every age. Here are a few that we love:


Kids absolutely love getting involved in the kitchen so it only makes sense to throw in a food-related Ramadan activity for them during the month. These are great for kids of all ages and can also be helpful in getting fussy kids to try something new!

Here are some ideas that we love:

  • Biscuits are super easy to make even if you’re a novice in the kitchen so buy a few ramadan inspired cookie cutters like these, some icing and sprinkles and you’re good to go. They’ll make for a great iftar gift for their grandparents too. 
  • Crescent Star Garlic Bread Bites by Hello Holy Days
  • Rice Crispy Treats by Little Life of Mine
  • Crescent Star Healthy Treats by Hello Holy Days
  • Crescent Star Cake by Hello Holy Days

Do let us know what activities you try over Ramadan in the comment section below!

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