What is Placenta Praevia and How Does it Affect Your Pregnancy?

About the Author: Umm Aasiya is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. She gave up clinical practice due to health and family issues in 2020.  She uses her years of experience to share authentic medical knowledge. Her aim is to empower sisters through credible information, enabling them to make informed choices about their health.Her main focus is to […]


Where to Find Halal Children’s Afternoon Tea in London

Seeing as we’re going to be having more rain than sun this August, you may be racking your brains as to what to do with the kids on their summer break. Fret not, we’ve thought of an activity that will keep both parent and child entertained and filled with great food – a halal Children’s […]


7 Islamic Apps for Children You Should Download

Allowing your young kids access to the world wide web can be quite daunting, especially if you aren’t sure what exactly they’re looking at, which is why we love these Islamic apps that have been created keeping our kids in mind. From the Muslim version of Netflix to learning surahs to following the journey of […]


Where to Take The Kids on a Rainy Day

Whilst the forecast is looking miserable for the week, heading out of the house is still not off the cards for us – we’ve got to keep the kids entertained one way or the other! We’ve rounded up a few outings that you can do whilst the weather is wet and grey that are ideal […]


Where to Find a Splashpad in London

Sure, the weather this week isn’t going to be the greatest (surprise, surprise, UK weather) but in the last week, it has been a scorcher. So hot that it even got some of us Brits looking into air conditioning units – a rarity over here. And we expect the rest of summer is going to […]


7 Ways to Teach Your Children About Eid Ul Adha

As we have just entered the last and final month of the Islamic calendar, Dhul Hijjah, it means many will be on their Hajj pilgrimage (perhaps not as many due to Covid) and Eid-Ul-Adha will soon follow.  To both children and adults, this Eid may feel exclusive to just those who have done hajj but […]

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A Part of Me

One of our favourite mums, Sameera Bhayat, is back again with a great piece about how she coped with sending her daughter to nursery as she returned to work. In her own words “For all the parents about to embark, or reembark on the childcare and work journey, I hope these are a few comforting […]


Review: Count With Me in Arabic Number Book

Elham is the founder of Ellustrate, a children’s publisher and design house, and has been designing beautiful cards, logos, wedding stationary plus lots more whilst being an awesome mum of two! She has recently launched a fantastic new product, the Count with Me Arabic Number Book, and we’re here to tell you why you need […]


Gratitude – what?

About the Author: Zombie Mum is back this week with an interesting insight on how to teach your children about gratitude and also includes great tips on how to teach them about saving money! Celebrations run all through the year.  We have cake-a-licious birthdays, quarterly Eids, mothers-fathers-siblings-grandparents days, and let us not forget the fun […]


Power of Intentions

We’ve all heard of good intentions and bad intentions, but what about negative intentions? Mum of many, Zombie Mother, talks to us about negative intentions today on MMM and how to combat it when it comes to our kids. Intentions, intentions, intentions; we have always been taught the importance of intentions.  We have to have […]