Allowing your young kids access to the world wide web can be quite daunting, especially if you aren’t sure what exactly they’re looking at, which is why we love these Islamic apps that have been created keeping our kids in mind. From the Muslim version of Netflix to learning surahs to following the journey of the Prophet (SAW), here are 7 Islamic apps for children that have superb ratings!

7 Islamic Apps for Children They’ll Love

1. Muslim Kids TV

Think Netflix but the Muslim version! Muslim Kids TV is an app that is jampacked with over 15,000 Islamic-related cartoons, songs, educational videos and games that are suitable for children. This means that your child will be able to have access to a variety of educational resources without you needing to monitor them. 

Price: £9.99 monthly or £79.99 for a year
Age: 4+
Website: https://muslimkids.tv/

Available on Android and iOS

2. Ali and Sumaya 

Recommended by 1000s of happy customers including sheikhs and homeschooling mums, the Ali and Sumaya app is an interactive Islamic school with a ton of videos and quizzes for your child to do, like how to perform salah and arabic recitation. The app also contains a tracker and adjustable daily schedule as well as badges and certificates for each complete lesson. 

Website: https://aliandsumayaschool.com/

Available on iOS and Android 

3. 10 Surahs For Kids

A fantastic app that helps children to learn the last ten surahs of the Quran complete with transliterations and translations to aid a better understanding of what they are reciting. They’ll be able to earn rewards for each surah they can recite.

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Age: 4+
Website: http://www.quranreading.com/

4. Muslim Kids Series: Dua and Mufradat

We love the Muslim Kids Series’ apps, both the dua and mufradat versions. The Dua version teaches children about daily duas they can do like what to recite before eating or after waking up and the Mufradat app focuses on teaching children the Arabic vocabulary. Both are easy to use and understand. 

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Age: 3+

Available on Android and iOS

5. Miraj Stories: Halal Entertainment for Kids

The Miraj Stories app was designed to provide young Muslim children with interactive and educational stories, quizzes, animations and lots more. It is a great way to involve Islam into your child’s life as it keeps them engaged and will teach them about the core principles of Islam via khutbahs, audiobooks and games! 

Price: £4.99 per month or £49.99 annually
Age: 4+

Available on Android and iOS

6. The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Your child will be able to follow the life and journey of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in seven episodes using this fantastic interactive app by Alpha Apps. The stories are complete with mini games in between to keep the little ones engaged as well the adults too. 

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Age: 4+

Available on Android and iOS. 

7. Noorani Qaida

Like the previous app, Noorani Qaida is great for both kids and adults in teaching them how to read the Quran with correct pronounciation. With rave reviews, it has been a useful tool during the pandemic when having the Quran teacher come home was a no-go and can be a great tool in introducing the Quran to very young children.

Price: Free
Age: 4+

Available on Android

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