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Elham is the founder of Ellustrate, a children’s publisher and design house, and has been designing beautiful cards, logos, wedding stationary plus lots more whilst being an awesome mum of two! She has recently launched a fantastic new product, the Count with Me Arabic Number Book, and we’re here to tell you why you need to buy it. 

Why We Love It

The book is short and sweet to help keep your child engaged and entertained, and also doubles up as a learning tool in teaching your kids how to count in Fus’ha Arabic up to 10 and some of their favourite fruits in Arabic too. Each number and fruit has been labelled with the English transliteration to help your child (and yourselves too) learn the correct Arabic pronunciation. 

Although there are 100s of count-with-me books out there, finding one in Arabic can be quite rare and finding one that is so well-designed is even rarer. As Elham is an illustrator, it’s a given that her book is beautifully illustrated with eye-catching designs and soft colours.

Bonus: each book comes with a mini fruit sticker set so they can add to their sticker book. 

Where To Order

You can order your copy via her website and all of her products are shipped internationally. 

You can find Elham’s website here and follow her on Instagram here

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