10 Child-Friendly Ramadan Recipes

Getting your children involved in your family meal preparation has been proven to help children develop a healthy attitude towards food and can also be a good way to introduce new foods to even the fussiest of eaters. Not only does it allow your child to feel happy to be helping mum and dad out […]


21 Ramadan Books for Children of All Ages

As adults, it’s easy for us to get into the spirits of Ramadan even in the midst of a pandemic. However the same can’t really be said about kids, especially the younger children. They may be wondering why mummy isn’t eating for the majority of the day, they could have 100s questions about what Ramadan […]


19 Islamic Art Crafts, Activities, and Printables for Kids

Due to the current pandemic, many play centres and playgrounds have shut, play dates are a no-no, schools and madressas are closed in certain countries, and even going to a relatives house is off the list. So keeping the kids entertained at home is perhaps close to impossible whilst you get work or household chores […]