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Due to the current pandemic, many play centres and playgrounds have shut, play dates are a no-no, schools and madressas are closed in certain countries, and even going to a relatives house is off the list. So keeping the kids entertained at home is perhaps close to impossible whilst you get work or household chores done.

Here is a list of 19 Islamic art crafts, activities, and printables for kids that will keep them occupied for the next few weeks. Most of them incorporate items you have on hand at home already, but just a few of them may require a sneaky online purchase. 

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19 Islamic Art Crafts, Activities, and Printables for Kids

Credit: Karimas Craft

1. Paper Mache Mosque 

Building a paper mache mosque is perhaps the easiest craft one can do with their kids, but why not get the whole family involved and see if you can build a mega mosque! Any cardboard boxes will work here and old newspapers too. 

Link to Activity:

Credit: Islamic Resources 4 Teaching

2. My Daily Dua Book

A lovely printable colouring book with over 30 pages of daily duas and meanings. 

Link to activity:

Credit: Tiny Teachings

3. Prophet Printable

Tiny Teachings is an online learning resource aimed at young children. They sell printable activities book which are based around different prophets like Prophet Adam and Prophet Sulaiman. The animals in Islam book is also worth the purchase. 

*Link to activity:

Credit: The Muslimah Guide

4. My First Dua Book

This is one of our favourites on the list. Using your child’s hands as a template, you can create a simple and easy mini dua book that can keep growing in size, the more duas you add. This can be a great keepsake for when they grow up.

Link to Activity:

Credit: Multicultural Motherhood

5. Five Pillars of Islam Craft

With everyone at home again, we’re sure you’ll be flying through the toilet rolls and must have plenty of spare cardboard rolls lying around! This craft incorporates painting, sellotaping, and a key lesson in the five pillars. 

Link to activity:

Credit: Karimas Crafts

6. 99 Names of Allah Tree

I have always struggled with the 99 names of Allah ever since Madressa days so I love the idea of making it into a tree. You can be as creative as you like with this: ordering a tree decal online, building a 3d model – get those creative juices pumping!

Link to activity:

Credit: Little Wings Creative

7. Cactus Gratitude Garden

This pretty printable cactus garden helps your children to recognise gratitude in their day to day life and how to show that they are thankful. 

Link to activity:

Credit: Etsy

8. Arabic Alphabet Bingo Cards

A fun way to have your children remember the Arabic letters with pronunciations. 

*Link to activity:

Credit: A Crafty Arab

9. Allah Helps Me Grow 

Are the kids missing their grandmother? Send her this lovely handcrafted framed gift that she will surely cherish. In doing so, you will be able to teach your children about appreciating Allah and what He does for you. 

Link to activity:

Credit: In The Playroom

10. Prayer Mat Printable

Keep the kids occupied whilst you make dinner with this fun prayer mat colouring printable!

Link to activity:

Credit: Little Life Of Mine

11. Charity Jars

A beautiful craft that teaches the children about the act of giving to those who are in need, plus it doubles up as a pretty Ramadan lantern too. Any jars can be used for this activity, even the jam jar that you just finished using. 

Link to activity:

Credit:Islam Hashtag

12. Allah Calligraphy Craft

Not just for colouring, but allows the kids to experiment with sequins, buttons, and pipe straws too. 

Link to activity:

Credit: Zaufishan

13. 3D Mosque Model

A simple task but one that can be used to teach children about 2-d and 3-d shapes. 

Link to activity:

Credit: Ilma Education

14. Wudu Activity Book for Kids

Even though your kids may not be old enough yet to understand the concept of wudu and namaz, this small activity book will help instill the love for prayer into your child. 

Link to activity:

Credit: Ummi And Kids

15. Islamic Printables

Ummi and Kids produce the most aesthetically pleasing printables that are just waiting to be coloured in and contain an abundance of Islamic etiquette. Examples of some printables that can be downloaded are the manners of eating, ramadan trackers, the alphabet, and more. 

Link to activity:

Credit:Islamic Art For Kids

16. Sadaqah Box

A good way to incorporate a hands-on activity when teaching the kids about sadaqah and charity. The children can build a mosque of their dreams (depending on how many empty tissue boxes you have!) to then keep in their rooms to collect sadaqah. 

Link to activity:

Credit:Islamic Art For Kids

17. Stories of Prophets Crafts

Although reading stories about our Prophets is a learning activity in itself, adding a craft to complement it helps to cement the story in your child. Islamic Art For Kids have made a collection of crafts for a few of our Prophets to help inspire you! 

Link to activity:

Credit: A Crafty Arab

18. Daily Salat Prayer Chart

A snazzy craft for older kids who have started or are learning to pray. This snazzy craft will remind them of how many rakaats in each namaz plus the timings too!

Link to activity:

Credit: Etsy

19. Positions of Salat Printable Activity

Another great learning activity, especially for children who have started to or are learning to pray. This printable requires very little assembly and is a great learning tool to teach the young ones. 

*Link to activity:

And there you have it, 19 Islamic art crafts, activities, and printables for kids! 

Which crafts have you tried before?

Let us know in the comments below

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