The Islamic Perspective on Breastfeeding

Around 95% of babies around the world are breastfed at some point in their life. If you’re about to embark upon the breastfeeding journey or if you’re already in the midst of feeding your little one, it may be helpful to understand what exactly Islam says about breastfeeding your child. Disclaimer: Please seek advice from a […]


The Islamic Perspective on Breastfeeding and Fasting During Ramadan

Are you currently breastfeeding and aren’t sure whether you are exempt from fasting during the month of Ramadan or not? We’ve put together a list of some of your most common questions to save you from googling around for the correct answer.  Please note, it is best to seek advice from a scholar from your […]


What You Need To Know About Lactation Cookies and Breastfeeding

When you had your little one, you probably had mums, aunties, cousins, cousins of a cousin in-laws, friends etc advising you what to eat to produce more milk. You may have heard a combination of the following: methi (fenugreek), haldi (turmeric), warm drinks, no potatoes, lots of spinach, fennel – you know the drill. But […]


7 Reasons Why Formula Feeding is Great

“Breast is best” is something you’ve probably heard again and again throughout your pregnancy, once the baby is born, and even before you’ve conceived! It’s automatically assumed that you’ll be breastfeeding the baby right off the bat and if you say otherwise, cue shocked faces. Not to mention, the guilt you may feel when you […]


Six Hacks For Exclusively Pumping

One of our favourite writers, HK, returns to tell us about how she turned to exclusively pumping when she wasn’t able to breastfeed her little one. Here are her tips on how she did it, what she used, and how to cope. From someone who was unable to breastfeed for numerous reasons, but really wished […]


The Ten Untold Truths of Breastfeeding

About the author: Suhayla is one of the primary content creators and contributors for the MMM team. When she’s not writing for us, she’s busy being a Mama to two young children and also is a pharmacist in one of London’s NHS Trusts. She particularly enjoys writing about Islamic parenting, promoting wellbeing for mums and is […]