Reflecting on My Covid Pregnancy and Birth

Given the current circumstances, it can be a scary time to be pregnant or going through birth. The rules are constantly changing, you feel like you’ve missed out on a normal pregnancy, and you’re worried about going through labour potentially alone. One mum, FMD, has done it all from pregnancy through birth and she’s here […]


Falling Pregnant: Allah’s Big Plan

Trying for a baby can be one of life’s most stressful milestones from the ovulation test kits to the dreaded two weeks wait. One mum, HK, shares her story of how after many failed attempts at starting a family, she stopped planning and instead left it in His hands. They call it ‘family planning’; it […]

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One Year On

Here’s the third instalment of Sameera Bhayat’s story – the day her daughter turned one. It may be the last part but it is definitely not the final chapter of her motherhood journey. For part one, click here and for part two, click here. This piece was written the day my daughter turned one in […]


Strong Vulnerability

Although postpartum recovery can be tough and can really expose how vulnerable new mothers can be, one mother talks about the point at which she realised her strength. Here is part two of Sameera Bhayat’s motherhood journey. You can read part one here. This piece was written before my husband and I embarked on our […]


Beautiful and Terrifying Amanah

We received a set of beautiful written pieces from young mum, Sameera Bhayat, about her motherhood journey from coming to terms with her new role as a mum to her daughter’s first birthday. It’s a lovely, heartwarming read that resonates with any mother out there. This is the first part of her story. This was […]


Coronavirus whilst Pregnant – How it Happened for Me

It is probably every pregnant woman’s nightmare right now: catching covid-19 during your pregnancy. PM tells us her story on how she coped with the symptoms of the deadly virus whilst being 33 weeks pregnant. How it all started? Thirty three weeks pregnant with my second child in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic (March […]


My Ectopic Pregnancy Story

About 2.5 years ago, I learnt that babyloss wasn’t just limited to miscarriages and still birth but ectopic pregnancies played a big part too. My symptoms were quite mild in comparison to the ectopic pregnancy symptoms listed online. I hope by sharing my story, others know that they are not alone – Layla Hassanali. At […]