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As lockdown 3.0 has commenced, keeping the kids entertained after their long day of online school can prove to be quite tedious and we’re only in week 2. But with the weather becoming colder and wetter by the minute and the long hours of screen time thanks to online classes, you’re probably at a loss as to what you can do to keep the clan happy.

So shake things up for your children by checking out our list of 11 activities that will keep your kids occupied whilst being at home. From online escape rooms to snow slime to building a den, there’s an activity for everyone that even you parents can take part in too!

11 Lockdown Activities for Kids

Credit: Daily Mail

1. PE With Joe Wicks

Having started during the first lockdown, Joe Wicks encouraged children to remain active through his fun online workout classes that were 20 minutes long. Not only did he fundraise £580k for the NHS, but he was able to break the Guinness World Records as nearly one million people tuned in for one of his PE classes. Starting today, Joe Wicks will be resuming his weekly online PE classes for all children every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

For Joe Wick’s PE classes, head to his Youtube channel here.

2. Scavenger Hunts

Yes, it’s close to freezing but wrap up and head outdoors with the family for a fun winter scavenger hunt. It will encourage the children to become more familiar with the environment. Head to the Woodland Trust for tips on creating your own scavenger hunt, plus there’s a tutorial on how to build a bird feeder too. 

For the Woodland Trust website, click here.


3. The Great Indoors Initiative

According to Bear Grylls, the Chief Scout, “a week stuck at home with the family can be as tough as a week in the mountains” and has  teamed up the UK Scouts to create the Great Indoors Initiative which includes over 100 activities to keep any family entertained during lockdown. Activities include arts, crafts, and games that not only keep your children’s minds active but encourage them to develop skills like communication or problem solving. 

For The Great Indoors Initiative, head to the UK Scouts website here.

Credit: Draw With Rob

4. Draw with Rob

If you have a budding artist on hand, there are many free online drawing courses that are aimed at children. One we like in particular are the videos from Draw With Rob, a children’s book author and illustrator, who shows children how to draw anything and everything from dinosaurs to monkeys to robots. He even broke the Guinness World Records for the largest online art lesson with over 45,000 participants attending. 

For more information on his free weekly classes, click here

5. Make a Trip to a Virtual Museum

The museums may be shut but there’s no stopping a virtual visit to some of the world’s best museums like the British Museum, the Guggenheim in NYC, and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, thanks to Google Art and Culture. You can even explore the Great Barrier Reef! 

For the Google Arts and Culture Website, click here.

Credit: HobbyCraft

6. Build an Indoor Den 

It may be a little chilly to camp outside right now but there’s no stopping the kids building their own den (or a fortress in their eyes) indoors using an old bed sheet and some pens. If you don’t have an old bed sheet to spare, Hobbycraft are selling a “Build Your Own Den” kit for £38 which has everything your kids will need to decorate! If your kids want more of a challenge, check out the The Works Build Your Own Den kit complete with building poles and connectors. 

For the Hobbycraft den, click here.
For The Works den kit, click here

Credit: Save The Children

7. Give to Charity via Save the Stories 

Save the Stories is a new initiative by the Save The Children charity to help raise funds for families who have been hit the hardest by Coronavirus in the UK and around the world too. You can watch popular children’s books being read by different celebrities and public figures like Benedict Cumberbatch, Kate Winslet, and the Duchess of Sussex, and all they ask for is a small voluntary donation in return to help the cause. Plus it may give you enough time to enjoy a hot cuppa whilst the kids are occupied. 

For the Save the Stories page, click here.

Credit: Little Bins For Little Hands

8. Snow Slime

Although the snow hasn’t fallen just yet in some parts of England, your children can still get their hands into some snow fun by creating their very own snow slime. From melting snowmen to frozen-esque glitter snow to fluffy snow slime, this is an activity that is sure to keep them occupied for hours on end. 

For snow slime inspiration, click here

Credit: Escape Live

9. Solve a Mystery

Struggling to keep your older ones entertained through lockdown? An online escape room is a fantastic activity for the family to do together and if your child doesn’t think you’re hip enough, they can even host a zoom session with their friends to help solve the clues of the mystery. If you have younger children, try the Day Out With The Kids mystery game, The Mystery of the Missing Potions, which is aimed at kids aged 4-8. 

For the older ones, head to Escape Live, just one of many online escape rooms.
For the younger ones, head to the Day Out With The Kids website here.

Credit: The Little Cooks Co

10. Get Your Cook On 

Getting the kids involved in the cooking from a young age is a great way for them to explore new foods and even try out foods they may have refused before. You can either enrol your kids into an online cooking school like TinyChefs, an American company, that shows children how to make doughnuts, cupcakes, and even savoury snacks like grilled cheese sandwiches and roast pepper hummus. If you want to keep it more simple, perhaps look into ordering a subscription service from The Little Cooks Co. They provide monthly healthy and nutritious baking boxes aimed at young children which include recipe cards, dry organic ingredients, and a few fun extras too. 

For TinyChefs website, click here.
For the subscription service, The Little Cooks Co, click here.

Credit: Cosmic Kids Yoga

11. Get Stretching with Children’s Yoga

Yoga can be a great way to encourage flexibility and strength in children. It can also make for a great break between online school classes allowing the kids to blow off some steam. Cosmic Kids Yoga makes children’s yoga fun with different themed sessions like superhero, under the sea, and pokemon, plus they incorporate mindfulness classes for kids to help them unwind.

Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga here.

Stay safe all!

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