How I became a sex and vaginismus coach

How I Became a Sex and Vaginismus Coach? Amirah’s Story

Amirah Zaky is a sexual wellness coach specialising helping women prevent and overcome painful sex. She is passionate about muslims educating themselves about sex and their bodies and teaches muslims how to prioritise sexual pleasure in their marriages. This is her story of how she discovered her passion and made it into a business.  The […]


6 Ways To Protect your Child’s Eyes

Sayyida Nassimizadeh is an Optometrist for Eye Opticians, an independent practice in the West Midlands. She’s here today to provide us parents with a few tips as to how to protect your children’s eyes especially given the increase in screen time! We’ve seen a huge rise in social-media-personal-trainers, all providing methods on how to eat […]