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We’ve saved you the horror of your teenage calling you “old” this Eid and put together a great Eid gift guide for them that includes just about anything and everything a teen could possibly want. From graphic novel books to journals to bubble tea making kits, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one of these gifts for the teenager in your life.

Eid Gift Guide for Teenage Boy and Girls


Promote gadget-free time in your house and purchase a few books for your teen. There are a handful of fantastic books out there that are aimed at Muslim teenagers and may even help them to embrace Islam more in their day to day routine! From graphic novels to romances, here are a few that we like:

Ms Marvel* | A Thousand Splendid Suns*| She Wore Red Trainers by Na’ima Robert
We Hunt The Flame * | Huda F Are You* | Internment*

Bismillah Notebook

Make revision fun by getting them lovely stationery to write notes with and in. We love this navy blue Bismillah notebook that is gender neutral and would go great on their home study desk. It’s also a great opportunity to get them into journaling. 

Buy here

Quran Co Moon Lamp

Which teenager wouldn’t want the moon by their bedside table especially one that is in a galaxy print. We love that the Quran Co version has a bluetooth speaker that features duas, nasheeds, and Quran recitation. 

Buy here

Bubble Tea Making Kit

Thanks to TikTok, bubble tea has become super trendy right now (or did we miss that as well?) so if you don’t have a boba place near you and don’t want to make the trip up to town, get your teen their own bubble tea making kit. 

Buy here


Have a teen who is constantly swiping your phone charger? Buy them their own portable charger so that they can juice up their phone when needed to. We love this fun and compact sized avocado charger!  

Buy here

Smartphone Bag

This highstreet crossbody bag is a cute addition to any outfit of hers and is a nice way to store her phone and card without having to take a whole bag out. 

Buy here

Arabic Name Bracelet

Any jewellery piece adorned with their name in Arabic will keep your teen happy this Eid and whilst there are so many brands and shops out there that sell the same thing, we like the Arabic bracelets from Nominal as they are well priced, sturdy and look great!

Buy here

Fujifilm Instamax Camera

If they’re obsessed with instagram, they’ll be obsessed with this camera that takes instagram worthy polaroids and can be printed in seconds. 

Buy here*

Arabic Hoodie 

Upgrade their hoody game with this personalised arabic hoodie that comes in an array of colours and sizes. You’ll be able to get their name printed in Arabic on the jumper but be sure to order soon so it comes in time for the big day! 

Buy here*


Finding the perfect backpack for school or university can be tough as they’ll need to fit in a laptop, books, pencil cases etc. This ReNew Transit backpack is not only made with 100% recycled polyester but it is waterproof too so can be easily cleaned. 

Buy here

Islamic Wall Decor

Are they in the midst of making their room look pinterest/instagram worthy? Why not gift them a set of these Islamic wall prints that are aesthetically pleasing and are timeless so will grow with them! There are 100s out there so we’ve chosen a few that we love!

Buy here: Turkish Coffee Print* | Shukr, Sabr & Dua* | Pink and Beige Prints *

Alhamdulillah, Sabr and Bismillah Badges 

They’ll absolutely love pinning these cute and funky Islamic themed pins onto their jackets, hats or on their school bags before they head out. They are currently on sale right now so be sure to be quick!

Buy here*

Tassel Keyring 

Help them find their locker or house keys easier with this lovely and colourful tassel keyring that will hook onto any of their keys. It comes with a blessed tag attached to remind them that they are blessed everyday. 

Buy here

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