20 minutes with an expert.. Amirah Zaky on God-conscious sexuality, vaginismus and sex after babies

About the author: Suhayla is one of the primary content creators and contributors for the MMM team. When she’s not writing for us, she’s busy being a Mama to two young children and also is a pharmacist in one of London’s NHS Trusts. She particularly enjoys writing about islamic parenting, promoting wellbeing for mums and […]


An Interview With Shaheen Merali – How to Make it as a Mumpreneur But Stay Calm and Collected Along the Way

Shaheen is an inspiring Mama and writer of the Heavenly Path series of books (Selecting a Spouse, From Marriage to Parenthood and A Successful Relationship). Shaheen also conducts workshops on Spouse Selection, Marriage, Young Parenting and Teen Parenting in various parts of the world. She has a BSc in Psychology, a Diploma in Montessori Education, […]